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[first song]

birds are flying high above the ocean
destiny will guide them on their way
waves are falling into the horizon
somehow things look different today

sail away
sail away

drifting in a sea of no resistance
guided by the stars that shine tonight
i see a storm approaching in the distance
the clouds reflected in electric lights

sail away
sail away

the beauty of your charm is captivating
many souls have perished here before
even though my temperature is rising
i’ll sail away until i reach the shore

sail away
sail away

won’t somebody save me …

copyright © 2010 freewinder productions


The story behind the song …

According to Greek mythology, Odysseus was the ruler of the island of Ithaca and one of the most prominent Greek leaders in the Trojan War. During his epic return voyage from Troy, he and his crew were beset by many perils, including the Sirens who were creatures with the head of a female and the body of a bird.

They lived on an island and with the irresistible charm of their song they lured mariners to their destruction on the rocks surrounding their island. Odysseus escaped them because he ordered his sailors to stuff their ears with wax and tie him to the mast so only he could hear their beautiful voices. The Sirens sang when they approached, their words even more enticing than the melody, promising knowledge, wisdom and a quickening of the spirit. Odysseys’ heart ran with longing but the ropes held him down and the ship quickly sailed to safer waters… phew!