The story behind the video …A tale of chasing Hollywood dreams, our creative friends at produced an animated video as part of this collaboration project. It features Oscar, a fiddler crab who goes looking for stardom in Hollywood. And just in case you were wondering, fiddler crabs are only found in California and have one claw longer than the other which they wave around in a mating ritual dance. There must be an easier way.

Shooting Stars

The story behind the video …Some years ago before the band got together, I adopted a dog from an animal shelter and took him to a farm on the south coast where I was living at the time. He was called Patch and looked like a cross between a Lurcher and a Collie. When the shelter found him, he’d been locked up and beaten by his previous owners. Slowly he came out of his shell and started to embrace everything around him. I took him to the beach for the first time and watched him run along the sand with the other dogs for hours on end until after dark. It was hard to believe what he’d been through and gave me the inspiration to write the lyrics.

A while later, I met an animator called Roger Llewellyn from Liverpool University and he brought the whole thing to life. In it you may spot some references to classic movies, but you don’t have to be a movie star to be something special …

Dog plays harmonica in Freewinder’s debut single “Shooting Stars”, available on iTunes now.